Humane Wildlife Control: Your Number One Choice for Mice Control, Animal Control & Pest Control

house_four_seasonsProtect Your House from Animal Damage and Cold Weather

In the winter, animals seek shelter and hibernate in roofs, attics and foundations. They can cause significant damage at this time of year.

Our decontamination and insulation services will make your home safer and warmer, and save on energy bills. Our removal and exclusion services for bats, birds, mice, raccoons, squirrels, skunks and other animals will help ensure the animals are humanely removed and can't get back in.

A Homeowner's Story

Humane Wildlife Control was called to a home that had an enormous problem in their attic. The children described it as "a Rhino living up there." We decided to check it out, just in case the kids were right!

Voted Best Pest Control in 2011!

The Hamilton Spectator Reader's Choice 2011Humane Wildlife Control is proud to announce that we were voted "Best Pest Control in 2011" in the Hamilton Spectator's Reader's Choice Awards. We were chosen by our customers, which makes this a special award and recognition that Humane Wildlife Control stands out from the crowd when it comes to professional, humane and effective wildlife control services.
Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Safe, Humane Wildlife and Pest Control

Humane Wildlife Control proudly provides Canada with wildlife and pest control for mice, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, and bats. We do so in a manner that is eco-friendly, economically sound and humane, making sure that no undue stress or injury comes to any animal. The methods we employ require the use of no poisons, meaning no harmful toxins will stay on your property after the job is done. Our approach to wildlife and pest control involves getting the animals out safely and allowing them to relocate to their alternate den/nest sites.